Empire North Shore

A Modern Shop With a Vintage Attitude.

Buying & Selling Vintage Jewelry

Buying or Selling Rare Coins & Bullion

We are the largest buyer and seller of gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds in the Chattanooga area, and the Southeast. We buy all types of gold from dental gold to 24K. Silver coins, sterling silver flatware, and .925 jewelry are purchased in any condition at fair value. With over 20 years in the precious metals and collectibles markets, we are your premiere source for precious metals, coins, diamonds, and many other valuable physical assets.

Luxury Brands

Empire North Shore is continually curating our collection of luxury brands available to you, our lovely customers. We love these items...and we know you do to!

Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

Empire North Shore buys and sells loose diamonds of all sizes, as well as fine jewelry. We are happy to go above and beyond to make your shopping experiance the best one. From an engagement ring to a "just because I like it" necklace... we will work to make sure you find what you need.

Make New Memories

We LOVE vintage jewelry and have a desire to pass on the stories and memories of your favorite pieces once you are finished with them.

Let us give someone else the oppertunity to love your items!

I am so so happy that I found Amanda and her shop! She went out of her way to find me the perfect vintage engagement ring. The entire experience was absolutely perfect. Everyone in the shop is knowledgeable and so friendly. Plus she has the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen! Thank you Amanda!! You've made this experience 10x more special than it already was!!😁❤


Wonderful, reliable, and speedy service from Empire. My purchase was delivered and packed like Fort Knox! I recommend them highly.


Have bought several items here. Fast ship...Great customer service. Will be buying again from them.